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Journeying together

A moment of an encounter with others favor building up and strengthening relationship with others, to favor unity in order to sustain each other in our common journey.

We the formands of the Province had our “Formands’ Encounter” on December 28 -29, 2020 at Provincialate House. Our respective formators were also present and the encounter was animated by Sr. Purisima L. Tañedo. It was a meaningful and fruitful encounter with the Word of God and with one another. We had the opportunity to share our formative journey, our personal struggles, joy and happiness as we continue to live concretely our “yes” to the Lord. Though we have our unique journey yet we are one and connected by God’s unconditional love and mercy. Yes, our woundedness and brokenness bind us together because we have Jesus Good Shepherd who laid down His life for us all. We welcomed the New Year 2021 in a simple yet joyful celebration with a short program which we the fromands, animated. There were games and dance. Even though we are far from each other but we remain united in our prayers and love. We journey together as one for the greater glory of God!

Sr Sheila Mae Estremos, sjbp

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